BRINK Foundation, announces the opening of Pidgin Palace Arts, a contemporary art gallery and pan-generational media lab.  Anyone interested in the way art squeezes through the cracks of existence, like a sticky and scary ooze, should come see our new show: VIRUS 2020, immediately. Or as soon as can be safely contemplated.

BRINK Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization fighting the destructive forces built into the World Wide Web and Pidgin Palace Arts is a non-virtual location from which the Foundation can operate, all  the while heightening awareness of the negative impact of the Internet and the manipulative mechanics behind it.

The gallery shows work that stimulates discourse from a wide swath of artists, known and less known, celebrated and even shunned by the art world, those that can play the game and social misfits operating at the edge of civil society. Sale of art benefits both the artists and BRINK Foundation. Additionally, as a non-profit organization, BRINK Foundation solicits tax deductible donations to keep the lights turned on.

Play me. I’m an accordion.

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Don’t forget, art is really important. Where would we be without it? Everyone says art is a benefit and they mean it. Nobody says, “art kills”. Let art fuck with your mind. You won’t regret it.

Don’t forget, if you are white acknowledge your privilege. When you can, be an ally to those that have less privilege. That can mean many things, but mostly it means: be human.

Don’t forget, you once promised something to someone. You made a promise, now keep it. Promises are the glue of our economy. When they are broken, so is living.

Don’t forget, I’m an accordion. Accordions (from 19th-century German Akkordeon, from Akkord—”musical chord, concord of sounds”) are a family of box-shaped musical instruments of the bellows-driven free-reed aerophone type, colloquially referred to as a squeezebox. It’s OK to squeeze me.