Microstructures VI

Microstructures VI

Cornelia Jensen

“Microstructures” is a panoramic utopian urban environment by artist, Cornelia Jensen. It occurs as a site-specific installation using found Styrofoam packing material, faux grass and light to create a small scale cityscape, including infrastructure and green space. A background in filmmaking and found-object assemblage evolved into the creation of light-imbued sculpture. Instead of demanding external light sources to be visible, it requires darkness to fully appreciate it’s glowing presence. The use of light brings out a delicate ethereal beauty in material that would otherwise be thrown away after its temporary purpose of cradling delicate consumer products in transit. Instead of becoming an albatross of bulky, non-biodegradable waste, the material is transformed into something that transports us to an imaginary world of possibilities.

Microstructure VII is available for site-specific installation at museums, community centers, architectural conferences, etc.

$25,000.00 includes domestic shipping. Travel and lodging fee not included.


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