Unbated and Envenom’d

Kevin Black

Unbated and Envenom’d is an excerpt of a larger work, Fine Revolution, written, produced and directed by Kevin Black. An immersive, multi-media reimagining of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Fine Revolution questions the dangerous drift of democracies into polarization and authoritarianism, the use and misuse of AI and the Internet, and the personal costs, mental and emotional, of life migrated online.

Kevin Black is a professional actor, director, producer and teacher based in Tucson, Arizona. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University‚Äôs Drama program, he has acted at The New York Shakespeare Festival, Primary Stages, Theatre for a New Audience, The Pearl Theatre Company, Laguna Playhouse, and Arizona Theatre Company, and appeared in films selected for the San Francisco International, Seattle International, Venice and Sundance Film Festivals. He was an Associate Producer on the HBO Documentary ‘Brillo Box 3 Cents Off’. He is a Professor of Practice in the University of Arizona’s School of Theatre, Film and Television.

Hamlet: Kevin Black
Laertes: James Conway
Claudius: RD Mower

Director: Kevin Black
Editors: Jim Rundel, Jeanna French
Assistant to the Director: Linda Varela
Director of Photography: Mason Day
Camera: Bailey Brown
Lighting/Sound Recording: Adrian Marshall
Set: Andie Pratt
Technical Direction: Ted Kraus
Costumes: Raquel Stewart
Assistant Costumes: Marthe Witte
Makeup and Wardrobe: Vickie Sandoval
Fight Choreography: Brent Gibbs
Music Composition: Navarro Peck
Songs: Louise Le Hir
Songs recording: Matt Marcus

Sky-high praise and sea-deep gratitude to the visionaries Danny Vinik and Jim Rundel of Brink Creative & BRINK Foundation, and to all the creative hearts on the Fine Revolution Team.

This project has received generous support from the BRINK Foundation; The University of Arizona’s School of Theatre, Film and Television, and the Office of the Dean of the College of Fine Arts at the University of Arizona.


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