Double Penny Opening

Double Penny Opening

November 6, 2021 7:00pm


Since we have confronted the closures of shared spaces, virtual presence and interactions have increased and have become entirely normalized. The accessibility and open platform for the world to exchange ideas allows for expedited growth, both economically and socially. At this rate, we are able to see the web of global issues and exchanges, and how one component affects the other on a global scale. Ideating on a scale this big, the tendency to take on global issues as an individual issue becomes overwhelming and seemingly impossible to manage.

The pandemic catapulted the importance of a virtual presence and as that value grew, the importance of physical spaces and physical community began to fade into the shadows.

Double Penny focuses on presence, intimately, with self and with others, as well as how physical presence shapes a community and fosters regenerative energy that is grounding and secure.

Double Penny is a group show at Pidgin Palace Arts featuring artwork from Racheal Rios, Yu Yu Shiratori, and Albert Chamillard, plus a live performance by *this (Racheal Rios and Geneva Foster Gluck). The artworks on display include pieces both not seen before and stylistically different from previously shown work.

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