Pidgin Palace Chats: Privacy as Mutual Aid

Pidgin Palace Chats: Privacy as Mutual Aid

August 6, 2021 6:00pm

Chat, Panel

It’s impossible to have a discussion about digital literacy without addressing privacy. From the massive amounts of personal data constantly collected on the internet to the major hacks and data breaches that let them loose into the world, our data is far from our own. Join us for the second installation of Pidgin Palace Chats where we delve into the realities of a global economy fueled by data we freely and unwittingly share and why it’s important to be aware of them. How can we build data security and personal privacy practices into our own digital practices? How can we leverage our own privilege of internet privacy for the benefit of those without? Can we build privacy infrastructures as a form of mutual aid?

The evening’s panelists include Mylkweed, Patrick Foley (of CREAM Design & Print), Molly Ragan, and Danny Vinik.

Image credit: Mylkweed, 2021.

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