Abandoned Positions


Abandoned Positions deals with the 2003 war on Iraq as well as its direct and indirect repercussions for the region and for Europe. Between 2015 and 2018, Sebastian Hirn and Lisa Hörstmann interviewed activists who travelled to Iraq in 2003 intending to prevent the impending invasion, Iraqi refugees, members of aid agencies and journalists, as well as US American Iraq veterans. The compilation of the interviews with documentary video and audio material exposes lines of development stretching from the reorganization of American foreign policies after the fall of the Soviet Union into our political present. The work offers a space to different, sometimes contradictory perspectives and experiences, juxtaposing them with no evaluative commentary. Visitors are enabled to form their own idea beyond conventional news

In 2018, Sebastian Hirn and Lisa Hörstmann documented a self-organized homeless veterans’ camp in Tucson. Together with Pidgin Palace Arts, local artists and veterans’ groups, they will host events accompanying the exhibition.


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Sebastian Hirn & Lisa Hörstmann

Sebastian Hirn and Lisa Hörstmann have been working together on various projects since 2012. Sebastian Hirn has realized a large number of art installations, stage and video designs, as well as projects as a director for theatre and opera in Germany and abroad. His method of working transcends established disciplines and moves within the space between fine art, theater/dance, and music. It is characterized by a great interest in experiments and openness that often results in collaborations with visual artists, musicians/composers, or scholars. Lisa Hörstmann has been working for different art projects and institutions in Munich and Berlin for several years. She is currently doing a PhD on settler primitivism in South Africa with the Department for African Art at Freie Universität Berlin.

Sebastian Hirn & Lisa Hörstmann
Sebastian Hirn & Lisa Hörstmann