Casa de Rasquache

Galeria Mitotera curates the exhibition, Casa de Rasquache at Pidgin Palace Arts in Tucson, AZ. The exhibition runs from January 21 to February 18, 2023. The opening reception is on January 21st at 6pm and is open to the public.

Casa de Rasquache presents visual artwork in a range of media that represents the definition of rasquache, which in the Chicano culture means; a do-it-yourself attitude, able to make something from nothing or to make do with the resources on hand.

Pidgin Palace Arts is open Sunday through Saturday 12-5pm.

“Coined within the Chicano communities of the borderlands, rasquachismo is an artform and sensibility that originates from the Chicano working class. Rasquachismo comes from the word rasquache, the English form of the Mexican Spanish word rascuache, originating from Nahuatl. In his essay “Rasquachismo: A Chicano Sensibility” Tomas Ybarra-Frausto describes the qualities of rasquachsimo as “a sensibility that is not elevated and serious, but playful and elemental. It finds delight and refinement in what many consider banal and projects an alternative aesthetic- a sort of good taste of bad taste.”

Rasquache Artists

Participating artists:

Mel Dominguez

Ruben Urrea Moreno

Danielle Love

Cristina Cardenas

Carolyn King

Sophia Mayorga

Racheal Rios

Robert Rios aka Tata Homie

Lower AZ, Lupita Chavez

Zeke Cook

Tony DiAngelis

Rasquache Artists
Rasquache Artists

Curator Statement

Galeria Mitotera
Galeria Mitotera
Galeria Mitotera is a space to celebrate our Chicanx culture, uplift artists of color in the community and create a safe space for community members and artists to inspire one another through art and togetherness.

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